The owner of J.M. Bozeman takes great pride in providing all of our drivers the very best equipment to operate and contribute to their job satisfaction with our company.  Our maintenance department keeps this equipment properly maintained and traded on designated cycles so to continue our focus on driver satisfaction.  J.M. Bozeman drivers know they are driving the very best on the road today.  Having the newest, latest, and safest model of tractors and trailers in our fleet means our customers also stay worry free and confident that we are transporting their freight on top of the line equipment.  Our maintenance department is managed by an experienced group of folks that understand keeping our trucks and trailers properly maintained and quickly addressed when needed keeps our drivers on the road working and our customer service at the level they all deserve.  J. M. Bozeman is always looking and implementing the newest technology and equipment options on the market for our tractors and trailers.

Our truck specifications focus on safety, performance, fuel economy, and interior specifications that provide our drivers with top shelf comfort and enjoyment of operation. We want our drivers work environment to be one they are proud of and contributes to their success.  Everyone on the J.M. Bozeman Maintenance staff wants our drivers and our company to be successful and they each do their part to insure that this happens for every driver and every customer that is part of our company partnership.

Please take a moment to look at our equipment and especially look inside our trucks panoramic rotating view below, and see what we offer our drivers in comfort and what we consider a “First Class” truck.  We are very proud to offer this type of truck to our drivers and customer and hope you enjoy the view.

If you are a driver and want to “Ride for the Brand” in this type of truck please go to our Driver Portal and contact us for this opportunity.

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